Favorites Under $50: Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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on July 21, 2017

Welcome back to The Front Porch, yall!

Today we’ve got a bit of a different post than normal – we’re talking shopping! Whether you are shopping for fall (which is coming at us fast!), still looking for some fun summer clothes or just want a fun shopping day in your PJ’s, I think this post will have you all covered!

The blogger world is going crazy for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and we couldn’t help but jump into the excitement. The reason why I like this sale so much is because normally sales are put on after the current season is over to clear out their inventory to make room for the new season coming up. This sale is special because it has summer inventory sales and sales on the new fall/winter items coming in as well! It’s basically like getting a discount on the newest items before they’re full price…I like that kind of arrangement!

It’s been fun to see all my favorite bloggers post about this sale but a lot of things they choose are more expensive than I noramlly like to spend. While Nordstrom does have a lot of more high-end items on their site, they also have really great affordable pieces too…and I am all about those budget finds! So today I thought it would be fun to feature my favorite finds under $50. We can still get on trend, classic and quality pieces while not spending an arm and a leg while we are at it!

So if you’re interested, check out my favorite picks from the sale below! And make sure to comment below and tell me what your favorite items from my list are! Happy Shopping!

Tees, Tops & Sweaters


Halogen V-Neck Tee $19.90 (after sale $29) | Lush Raw Edge Side Slit Tee  $15.90 (after sale $24)

Basics, basics, basics! We all know the value of a great tee so I linked two!

Socialite Thermal Top $24.90 (after sale $38)

This is the kind of top that makes you look effortless yet put together all at once! Throw on one of the necklaces I listed below and you are good to go!


Treasure & Bond Classic Plaid Shirt $45.90 (after sale $69) | Bobeau Tie Front Plaid Shirt $39.90 (after sale $59)

I love a good plaid any time of the year and these are two great options.

Topshop Lattice Back Sweater $42.90 (after sale $65)

I love the crisscross back of this sweater!

Sub_Urban Riot “Work Hard” Graphic Tee $21.90 (after sale $34)

I love a graphic tee and this one has a great message to go along with it.


Leith Easy Circle Cardigan $49.90 (after sale $75)

This cardigan is one of those things you put on the first day of fall and take off next spring – I can’t be the only one that literally lives in oversized, cozy cardis all fall and winter long!

Dreamers by Debut Rib Knit Open Cardigan $35.90 (after sale $55)

The coziest of cardigans!



Thread & Supply Barton Camo Print Jacket $38.90 (after sale $59.00)

This is one of those jackets I would be wearing all fall and winter long!


Love, Fire Floral Embroidered Ripped Denim Jacket $45.90 (after sale $69)

This.is.my.favorite. I think if I could only buy one thing from the sale, it would be this jacket! You could wear this jacket with white denim cut-offs in the summer, or pair it with your favorite leggings, boots, and tunic in the fall/winter.

Glamorous Floral Embroidered Bomber $38.90 (after sale $59)

Obviously it’s no secret that I am loving the embroidered jackets this season and get ready because I think they’re going to be a huge hit when the weather cools down! Most embroidered jackets go for a high price (like over $250!) but this one is just as cute but with a much nicer price-tag!


Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Stretch Ankle Skinny $44.90 (after sale $68)

It’s so hard to find good jeans under $50 these days!

SP Black Angled Step Hem Skinny Jeans $38.90 (after sale $59)

Love a good pair of white jeans!


Zella Live In High Waist Leggings $35.90 (after sale $54.00)

Any legging that has “live in” in the name, I am all for!


Adidas Originals Trefoil Logo Tank $21.90 (after sale $30)

Adidas is back, yall, and I am all for it! (Remember those awesome slid on sandals from the 90’s?!) This tee is great for working out or throwing on with a cute pair of jeans and a baseball hat for a casual look.

Zella Outta Town Hoodie $49.90 (after sale $75.00)

I love the little holes for your thumbs! (It comes in blue and gray too!)

Shoes, Scarves, Jewelry & Accessories

Steve Madden Slide-Ons $52.90 (after sale $79.95)

Now I know these are $2.90 over our $50 cap, but I couldn’t not put them on my list! I can’t decide if I like the gray or burgundy better. Maybe both?! Velvet is in this season and these shoes are a perfect way to incorporate this fun trend.

BP Multicolor Grid Square Scarf $18.90 (after sale $29)

I am a sucker for a good scarf…but then again who isn’t? I love that it’s multicolored so you can wear it with anything!

Treasure & Bond Drusy Lariat Necklace $29.90 (after sale $45)

This is one of the prettiest and unique necklaces I have seen in a long time. I love wearing long necklaces with tunics and sweaters which is perfect for the upcoming fall season. This necklace would be gorgeous on it’s own or with shorter layering pieces!

BP Bar Pendant Y-Necklace $11.90 (after sale $19)

If you like long necklaces but want a more dainty look, this necklace is perfect! It comes in silver or gold and will go with anything!

Best Day Ever Zip Top Accessory Bag $11.90 (after sale $19)

I love happy bags like this! While it would be a perfect little phrase to read each morning while you pull your makeup out of it, it would also make an adorable bride/bridesmaid gift as well!

Kim Convertible Faux Leather Backpack $44.90 (after sale $68)

This bag is the prettiest green color (and also comes in a gorge shade of burgundy as well). Backpack purses are actually really practical if you’re a Mom juggling kids or headed to a theme park where you don’t want a purse on your shoulder. These backpack purses are also very popular right now so it’s a great way to jump in on a fun trend and not break the bank.

Leith Suede Clutch $49.90 (after sale $75)

I have been looking for a good clutch for a while and this one fits the bill! It’s suede (insert heart eye emoji here), it comes in three super chic colors, the sale price is crazy and it has a tassel…I call that a win, win, win, win!


MAC Look in a Box Basic Brush Kit $49.50 (after sale $162)

If you know me at all you know I am a makeup junkie so I can say first hand that these MAC brushes are some of the best you can buy. However, it can be pretty pricey as you build your brush kit. This kit is a really great price for what you’re getting.

Fresh Sugar Lip Romance Set $26 (after sale $38)

These are my favorite lip balms! They are the absolute best. I even talked about them in my beach bag essentials post!

Jouer Long-Wear Lip Cream $25 (after sale $36)

These are great lip glosses that don’t go on sale often. So if you like them, scoop them up now!



I hope you had fun shopping my favorite sale picks! Comment below and let me know what you want to pick up! Thanks for reading along!





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Stand at Your Watchtower: There’s Hope in Waiting for the Lord

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on July 20, 2017

There’s Hope in Waiting.

I’m writing this post about two weeks after the due date. It’s not really by choice. See, I’m an overachiever that gets things done on time or early. I don’t wait until the last minute. However, the last few weeks, some things in my life have really been challenging, and I just didn’t know what to write. When I prayed about it, I didn’t feel like the Holy Spirit was leading me towards anything. I didn’t even feel the Holy Spirit in much of anything, really. I felt pretty distant from God.

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Writing the Word – July: The Book of 1 Timothy

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on June 29, 2017


Happy July! Can you believe we are 7 months into writing the Word this year? So far we have written 7 books of the Bible together along with the account of Jesus’ days surrounding his death and resurrection. We are sewing eternal truths deep into our hearts!

This month we will focus in on the book of 1 Timothy. Paul writes to his “beloved child” (1 Timothy 1:2) as he lays out guidelines for church leaders and members. As believers, we all have a responsibility to Christ and His church – we are all leaders for His Kingdom. Ministry is not just the pastor’s job, but a job for each follower of Christ. Let’s allow the Lord to teach us more and more about the importance of holy lives as His children and the important role we have as the bride of Christ.

Thank you for writing the Word with us! As always, happy writing!

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Interview with Bethany Barnard – Part 2

Posted in Guest Interviews
on June 22, 2017


Hey there neighbors! If you haven’t read part 1 of Beth’s interview, you can find it here! Thanks for joining us on The Front Porch today! Happy reading! 

 What does ministry both on and off the stage look like for you right now (as an artist, a wife and mother, and a friend)?

Well, it is predominately off-stage in this season of being a stay-at-home mom. But I would say more ministry happens now than ever! I fight for the perspective that my time with my daughters, and my role as Shane’s wife, ARE my main areas of ministry. I know that’s a struggle for every woman in those roles! We want the instant gratification and the “officialness” of doing something outside of the home. Totally get it. So my prayer is often for [Christ] to give me eyes to see it the way He does.

Shane and I really try to have Bible time with the girls every night before bed. And then, in the fashion of Deuteronomy 6:7-9, I do my best to talk about the Lord and His ways throughout the day. I’ve been discipled in this as I’ve watched friends walk this out in really creative and easy ways with their children! As arguments arise, or “random” questions, or even a show they’re watching that parallels a Gospel truth — choosing to take the extra five minutes to lay some foundational truths down in their hearts.

As far as ministry to my husband, I’d say I am constantly warring my critical spirit! James 3 continues to be a warning to me in that area. My deepest desire is to be Shane’s main encourager, affirmer, and safest place. This is also within the realm of my words, but man, do I have to go to war with my tendency to complain to him! Those are some of the biggest ways I am wanting to grow as a servant to my husband, along with just loving him well and cooking him good food (because I love to cook, and we both love to eat!).

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Interview with Bethany Barnard

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on June 20, 2017

Though some may know her as Bethany Dillon, singer-songwriter Bethany Barnard is a successful recording artist, nominated for multiple Dove awards and earning the highest selling female solo debut in 2004 for her self-titled debut album.

After marrying fellow worship leader Shane Barnard (one half of the duo Shane & Shane), Beth took some time away from recording and touring to be a wife and lead worship in their church, becoming a mother to three daughters along the way. Now, she’s back with new music in her highly-anticipated LP, A Better Word, and we’re lovin’ it! (You can check it out here!)
Beth took some time to chat with TFP about her life as a mom, the stories behind her new songs, and to share her heart on what ministry and community look like for her in this season of life. This interview is full of wisdom and encouragement — you’ll love it. 
Happy reading, yall! 

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June Writing the Word: God our Father

Posted in Writing the Word
on May 30, 2017


The month of June holds many exciting things like the last day of the school year and the first official day of summer. For many people, Father’s Day is one of those exciting June dates. However, Father’s Day may hold different feelings for others. Feelings and memories of loss, abandonment, confusion, sadness and betrayal may resurface for many as they think through what that day means. Wherever your heart is toward your earthly dad regarding Father’s Day, we want to remember and celebrate our Creator and Heavenly Father. He is our comforter and our guide and we can rejoice that He is more than enough for us. This month, let’s let him fill in those empty spaces in a way that only He can.


We start off the month by writing the parable of The Prodigal Son. This story beautifully portrays so many incredible characteristics of our loving Father and tells the story of every single sinner saved by grace. After we finish up Luke 15, we will move into what the Bible says about God our Father. While you write, let these truths sink deep into your heart as you remember how perfect and loving our God and Father is, how we live because of Him, and how who He is defines who we are in Him. What a gift to be a child of God Most High.


Thank you for journeying with us as we write out God’s Word, and as always, happy writing!

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Writing the Word: May

Posted in Writing the Word
on May 1, 2017

 Even well after a year of writing the Word, we still get pumped diving into a brand new month of Scripture one day at a time with y’all!

Most of our Scripture plans in the past have been either application-driven (do’s and don’t’s and how-to’s) in the New Testament or bold prayers of praise and worship in the Psalms.

This month will be a little different.

We want to step into the story of Ruth, a godly woman who chose to remain faithful when she could have chosen to walk away. Ruth’s life was simple, quiet, normal. Then tragedy struck in the loss of her husband. Yet, Ruth clung to her God and allowed Him to guide each of her steps. She put in the work of obedience and God showed up big time.

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Writing the Word: April

Posted in Writing the Word
on March 31, 2017

Can you believe in the past THREE months we have written FIVE books of the Bible through #tfpwritingtheword? How amazing!

As we look toward the month of April, with Easter cradled right in the middle, we wanted to focus in on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will start off by writing Isaiah 53, a passage of scripture that prophesied Jesus’ death over 500 years before He was even born. In the weeks to follow, we will explore many of the events leading up to and the arrest, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospels. On Easter Sunday, we will take a short break in writing chronologically and write a very special passage in honor of Resurrection Sunday.

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Valuing the Gospel Over Everything Else

Posted in Faith, kinsey
on March 29, 2017
As many of you may know, here at TFP we do something we like to call Writing the Word where we walk through writing out a specific book of the Bible or theme in scripture each month. Last August, we wrote Philippians, a book with very familiar passages and often-quoted verses. However, as I wrote through Philippians, I came across a less familiar passage, and God used it in my life in a mighty way.
“I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel, so that it has become known throughout the whole imperial guard and to all the rest that my imprisonment is for Christ. And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.” Philippians 1:12-14

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Valuing the Giver Over the Gift

Posted in Faith, kinsey
on March 27, 2017
“You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” Exodus 20:3-4
Idols. This word often conjures up images of old testament golden calfs or other objects created and worshiped by humans centuries ago. However, idols are just as prevalent today as they were in old testament times — they just look a little different.
You see, an idol is anything or any person you put before God. And let’s be honest right now — we all struggle with idolatry. It’s part of our sinful nature. And it’s something we will always have to fight against. Perhaps the hardest thing about idolatry is that what we idolize is often something good, something positive. They are blessings from God — loved ones or children, money, jobs, dreams, comfort, etc. — that we have chosen to make our primary focus, ultimately (and inadvertently) valuing the gift over the Giver.

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